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Volunteer Management for Trailblazers

The Context

Trailblazers trains volunteers as mentors to work with young offenders – with the aim to increase self awareness, self esteem and confidence and to achieve positive changes in overall attitude, thinking and behavior – thus reducing the risk of reoffending. Mentors work for 6 months inside the prison with a mentee on a weekly basis and continue the relationship for a further 6 to 9 months after their release.

The Challenge

Trailblazers was heavily reliant of old fashioned paper based data capture and sharing, with created a lack of visibility for internal teams and volunteers/mentors.
Basic business process around data capture, data storage and data retrieval was highly cumbersome and inefficient, inhibiting growth and transformation across the organization.
A lack of provision for cloud based data sharing and engagement community in place for the volunteers/ mentors

The Solution

Economic Change customised the use of Non Profit Success Pack and Salesforce Communities to allow:

  • Transition to a paperless solution for capturing and sharing of crucial data between internal staff and volunteer mentors.
  • Development of a  tailored system to effectively capture and measure the impact of the valuable work delivered between mentors with mentees.
  • Roll out and implement an online form tool – Form Assembly –  to capture online volunteer applications and feed data straight into the system for management.

“Economic Change have been instrumental in not only implementing Salesforce at Trailblazers, but helping the team get to grips with a deeper understanding of how to effectively use and manage the solution to maximum benefit for the organisation and our wide network of mentors.Having Salesforce in place has given us so much more confidence in the data that we have around our mentor programme and made it significantly easier for us to collect and store data, access it, and share it internally and with our wider mentor community “

John Shephard
CEO, Trailblazers

The Results

Salesforce has enabled Trailblazers to have much more efficient data capture, storage and sharing for the organization and it’s 125+ volunteers/mentors, leading to:

  • Improved efficiency around mentor applications and onboarding.
  • Creation of a robust and flexible mentoring community for the organization.
  • Much more advanced analysis for impact & trustee reporting
  • Much higher confidence in the cleanliness and accuracy of the data.

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