3 ways Salesforce Pardot can help your non-profit

Integrated marketing solutions with Salesforce are now becoming a must-have requirement, with best practice being encouraged by GDPR and practical insights into customer preferences and marketing behaviour helping to deliver a better ROI. Email still wins hands-down for acquisition according to research! 

An e-marketing tool must integrate with your CRM to manage data preferences effectively. With an integrated E-Marketing tool, and improved segmentation and preferences management, you can:

  • Increase engagement rates
  • Increase donor acquisition
  • Improve customer retention
  • Improve email personalisation


If you want to increase sales or fundraising for your non-profit, then we do recommend looking at Pardot as a marketing solution as your potential returns will be greater. Find out why below…

Increasing income

By using a combination of donor journeys and improved insights through smart tracking, your nonprofit can target the most engaged stakeholders and direct them automatically to your fundraising team. Want to know who has downloaded your whitepaper or viewed your training pricing page? Pardot can track non-identifiable visitors with code, so when they sign up to a newsletter, webinar etc. you can match this information, which you can then use to determine how likely they are to buy or donate.

One of the big marketing issues for any organisation is sending the right information to customers or other stakeholders. Pardot makes it easy to build highly sophisticated journeys that allows your customers to receive the information relevant to them. And because Pardot is constantly tracking email and website interactions, you will always have a complete 360˚ of your customer or stakeholder.

Need to improve productivity?

One of the big disadvantages of many marketing automation services is integrating with Salesforce. They all allow sending open and click data back to Salesforce, but this can result in expensive storage issues. Pardot’s tight integration with Salesforce avoids this by updating the contact, lead or account record directly, and it also has access to data from cases, opportunities and custom objects. Furthermore, Pardot can directly trigger automations in Salesforce, so that you can spend less time manipulating data and more time analysing and acting on data.

Need to meet compliance regulation?

With GDPR coming into force next year, nonprofits are required to give a clear choice to stakeholders on what marketing communications they receive. Pardot makes it easier to manage email preferences and also allows customers or leads to update their personal information all from the same branded page. Furthermore, because all marketing data is stored in one place, GDPR assessments are easily done.

Find out more about Pardot by booking a free consultation with our Marketing Solutions team – Email contact@economicchange.co.uk

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