A look back at 2015 for Economic Change

We’ve been busy!

At Economic Change we have seen a huge growth in demand for our services during the year.

We’ve worked with 122 new clients and had repeat work from 57 existing clients.  We’re really pleased that 75% of our contracts (by value) are from repeat/referred customers.

We have helped clients raise grants of £272k from BIG Assist and The Impact Readiness Fund.

We are a registered partner on App Exchange with good client reviews:

“Really cannot say enough good things about this organisation” Nathan Roberts, A Band of Brothers

“There is no other team I would trust more in helping us to get the most out of the CRM system.”  Quinn Simpson, Graydin

“Now we will be able to accurately measure our social impact and as a result grow our social enterprise and help more beneficiaries. The process mapping element of the project has allowed us to review how efficient we are, and make improvements accordingly.”  Rebecca Smith, Social Enterprise Kent

87% of our clients say we have met or exceeded their expectations, 82% have improved their sustainability and 75% have improved their efficiency.

It’s been great to see the business benefits of our work amongs our clients and we’re looking forward to working with you in 2016!

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