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Economic Change has continued on our mission to support charities to go digital this year, supporting 123 non-profits and their teams to feel empowered with Salesforce.

Our focus is making our services affordable and accessible, and we are delighted to have achieved this in a number of ways.

  • We have introduced new Salesforce 1 day Admin training workshops to help up-skill internal admins and end-users on reports and dashboards, automation, and security and NPSP.
  • We have provided 34 charities with discounted implementations totalling 1200 hours of pro-bono support valued at ¬£120,000, thanks to our Supermum volunteers.
  • Our Supermums are up-skilling in Salesforce administration and continue to work for charities we are supporting, so they have a longer term affordable in-house resource.

We have achieved some amazing successes with our customers. See our Case Studies section for more information.

Supermums is a workforce development initiative that Heather, Founder of Economic Change, launched three years ago. The success has led it to become a self-sufficient social enterprise in 2019. Supermums is now working with other Salesforce consultancies across the globe to offer discounted support to charities, replicating the model that Economic Change designed. Heather was recognised as a Trailblazer by Salesforce and awarded a Golden Hoodie for her contribution to the sector.

We are delighted to welcome to the Economic Change team, new team members who previously were clients. This is a true testament to our services and a great reference. We have invested in their development and expertise and they are successfully now empowering other non-profits to embrace Salesforce.

To support our growth, we have expanded our senior management team with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and reputation to support the current Directors.

Martin Brockwell, who has been with the company five years has stepped up to now be Head of Delivery overseeing the delivery team.

We have hired Elle Lucas as Head of Marketing and Alliances, who was previously an AE for SFDO and Consultant at Accenture/Tquila; and

Conway Buckle joined us as Head of Business Development, who previously had experience in the same role within other Salesforce consultancies and SFDC.

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Martin Brockwell

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Elle Lucas

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Conway Buckle


Martin Brockwell


If you’d like to find out more about Supermums, click the link below. 

Elle Lucas


If you’d like to find out about our Training Courses in 2020, click the link below

Conway Buckle


If you’d like to find out about our Salesforce Implementation Services click the link below. 

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