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Preparing to implement a CRM?

Then access our free online CRM Planning Course

We are empowering non-profits to have the skills and knowledge to plan effectively for the implementation of a CRM system. A CRM can support all of our core functions – fundraising, marketing, grant management, service delivery and impact. Check out the range of Solutions here.

We want to equip people with business analyst skills to help you save time and money during the process.

If you have been tasked with implementing a CRM, then this course is for you!

Is the Course for You?

Sign up to our free online course if you:
► Work for a non-profit organisation
► Trying to understand what a CRM can offer
► Need to prepare a specification for what you need a CRM to do
► Facilitating conversations with team members about a CRM can deliver
► Wondering what questions to ask of CRM and Consultancy partners
► Looking to apply for funding for your CRM
► Considering Salesforce as a CRM Solution

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About the Course Structure

► The course is available online and available anytime to watch so you can work through information in your own time.
► The course provides guidance and structure on how to plan for a CRM based on a professional business analysis framework.
► The framework is designed using best practice principles taught on the BCS Business Analysis and Salesforce Consultancy Courses.
► The course is virtual and accessible any time and provides up to 8hrs of content to read and listen too with recommended further reading.

How to Access the Course

Please apply here and we will follow up with a call to discuss your suitability:

The Process of Implementing a CRM 

At Economic Change, we are experienced and qualified business analysts and Salesforce implementation consultants who specialise in the non-profit sector. Our eight step formula is tried and tested with over 150 non-profit clients. It covers the 8 steps below..

Change = Targets + Plan + Strategy

  1. Understanding Management Systems
  2. The Process of Implementation
  3. Preparing the Business Case
  4. Choosing a System
  5. Reviewing and Designing the System
  6. Implementation of System
  7. Successful Application
  8. Successful Adoption Formula

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