Become an Impact Ambassador for your organisation in 2017

If one of your tasks this year is to improve the impact measurement of your organisation, then check out our shortlist of tasks and free live webinar to learn some top tips on how to be a successful Impact Ambassador, based on our acclaimed 10 step guide to Measuring Impact.. 

Designed on 16 years experience and delivered over the last 7 years we have decided to take our training online to reach more people and create more impact ambassadors in 2017.

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First ascertain your goals for the year. Do you want to:

  • Prove value to funders and other stakeholders
  • Demonstrate impact to secure future funding
  • Understand beneficiary needs to innovate, evaluate and change
  • Evaluate performance as part of a continual improvement process
  • Seek assurance you are achieving what you set out to do….. or something else?

Secondly, review the task list:

  • Revisit the statistics about your cause
  • Research your stakeholder interests and needs
  • Produce an organisational theory of change model and align all projects and services
  • Embrace digital solutions for capturing and analysing impact data
  • Embed a real-time continual improvement processes
  • Seek external validation to provide confidence to funders and other stakeholders

Then, embed your work:

  • Set up an impact ambassador group, so you’re not alone
  • Create a change management strategy
  • Facilitate an internal workshop(s) to define the business case, motivations and key outcomes for team members.
  • Secure senior level sponsorship to allocate sufficient time and budget to the task
  • Invest in external validation to create commitment– check out our different support packages below.

How can we help..

Sign up here for our Free Live Webinar on the 10th or 16th February to hear some more top tips on How to be a successful Impact Ambassador and learn more about our packages of support listed below.

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We train individuals to become Impact Ambassadors and help organisations to validate their impact process at different levels of assurance.

Our support packages cover all strands of developing an impact framework whether it’s defining your indicators, developing monitoring tools and systems, setting up an evaluation process or embedding change within the organisation.

Package 1 – Impact Ambassador Training – Suitable for Internal staff who want to learn our step by step approach to the three core disciplines – Impact Measurement, Change Management and Planning a CRM/Monitoring Systems available as Online Training Workshops. These online workshops will give you all of the information you need to plan, develop and embed your Impact Measurement Framework. Plus you can get access to our private peer to peer community to connect and share ideas with others.

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You can upgrade this package with additional support including options of one to one mentoring, in-house facilitation and external validation of your impact process and results. This proves valuable for organisations who wish to have an external consultant involved in evaluating their process or projects to demonstrate credibility to funders. Certificates of external validation are provided for individuals and organisations who successfully complete the packages 2-4.

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What our clients say..

“It was really good to have someone external to the organisation to reinforce the message. It was also useful to think through the bigger picture of our social value, competitive advantage and to link our impact to our values.” Liz Richardson, Monitoring and Evaluation Development Officer, YMCA Derbyshire


“Clearly delivered, jargon free and pinned at the right level. A terrifically helpful and useful training workshop! Miranda Kemp, Marketing & Communications Manager, Sussex Community Foundation.


“A great course in a reduced timeframe with a knowledgeable trainer. Theory of change – going through a clear step by step process that I can apply. Considering short to long outcomes, not just start and end. Thinking about baseline and theory of change models was really helpful.” Emma Saunders, Scouts Programme Manager, Scouts

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