Behind the Impact: Salesforce for Impact Management

‘Behind the Impact’ Webinar: How to prepare and plan using Salesforce for Impact Management

We were delighted to have Heather guest-speaking at this webinar, outlining how to get the best of Salesforce for your impact management.

Heather was joined by Economic Change client, Chris McAleese, Head of Development at YMCA Humber. He shared their initial vision for aligning their impact management strategy and their experience of producing impact reporting with Salesforce, using data to prove they are delivering on the organisation’s mission.

Their driver for Chris and his team was to tackle the issue of mission drift and reporting from an organisational perspective. To do this, they developed a core set of strength indicators that can be used for all service users across the array of services delivered. Find out more by watching the webinar recording here >>

Using Salesforce for Impact management is one of our specialist work streams at Economic Change.
We advise clients on how to develop and turn a theory of change into a real-time monitoring system, to give you the evidence you need for funding and reporting.

Chris talks about the support he received from Economic Change:

‘‘Working with Economic Change has helped the staff to engage and understand the benefits of a new approach and system – whether it is freeing up their capacity to spend more time on the front line, coordinating service user assessments or introducing new ways of collecting data instead of using paper. At YMCA, allocated project team members have been provided with Salesforce admin training by Economic Change to empower them to update and evolve their system architecture to meet the needs of the team now and in the future as new requirements are identified and projects started.”


Want to get started with Impact Management?

Our Online Impact Measurement Masterclass takes you through the fundamental pillars of creating a theory of change and monitoring framework to help you get the foundations right. Find out more >>

Our Salesforce Support Contracts, give you access to our Salesforce Support team, who can advise and help you to develop your CRM platform for monitoring impact and adopting data collection tools using third party apps. We can also train staff on how to develop Salesforce independently. Read more >>

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