Boost Training Sales for your Nonprofit

 5 ways to Boost Training Sales for your Nonprofit

Over the next few months we are looking at different ways to empower nonprofits to generate further income.
Within this article we focus on 5 ways to boost revenue from selling training products.


Running training courses is a popular activity for many nonprofits. Our clients sell training to a wide audience, including professionals working within businesses, non-profits, government departments and the education sector, as well as the wider general public.  We help our nonprofit clients to embrace digital technology using discounted Salesforce and integrated tools which drive sales and manage their training solutions.

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Using digital tools help your organisation to:

Tailor your Marketing Activity – investing in an integrated e-marketing solution allows you to understand your customer behaviour and choose marketing activity that responds to their interests. Invest in a marketing solution such as Salesforce Pardot that enables you to score your prospects by their level of interaction and build customer journeys to boost the Return on Investment of your marketing spend.

“Organizations across the world — and from every industry — are using Pardot marketing automation to increase marketing ROI by 34%, campaign effectiveness by 37%, and more.”

Convert Prospects Quicker for example, responding to queries immediately using a Webchat tool on your website. People are less likely to send an email, but would like answers then and there. Integrating the Webchat tool with Salesforce captures leads to track interest and to send follow-up information. Check out customer sucess stories here

“Proven to result in growing sales even by 30% and increasing customer retention.”

Speed up the Sales Process – creating a sales culture by utilising the Salesforce Sales Cloud functionality helps your team manage your sales activity and pipeline. We also propose investing in an online payment facility that integrates with your CRM to allow online sign up and payment and enables automatic access to online training courses or workshops. This will reduce admin for your team and improve your cashflow.

44%+ in Sales Productivity and 38% Faster Deal Closing”. 

Boost your Passive Income – turning your training workshops into online training courses means that people can purchase and access them anytime, anywhere.  Don’t just limit yourself to face to face workshops – increase your impact by widening your marketplace to a worldwide audience.  We’ll be showcasing Litmos in our next Salesforce Champion Webinar which integrates with Salesforce to streamline online training processes.

Support Student Success – managing the student journey, tracking engagement and progression within your CRM helps them achieve success. You could utilise some of the features offered by the Salesforce HEDA platform, tailored specifically to education management. In addition you can offer an online community for your students to share knowledge, answer questions and connect with their peers. This will enable you to add value and retain a relationship with your students to gather feedback and extend your relationship with them. We use Salesforce Communities with many of our customers.


If you to be empowered to use Salesforce and third party apps then contact our  Consultancy Team

Click here to watch our latest webinar covering these topics 


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