Case Study: Salesforce gives IYF the power to solve their problems

Client Case Study: Salesforce gives IYF the power to solve their problems

IYF believes that educated, employed, and engaged young people possess the power to solve the world’s toughest problems.

For more than 25 years, and with a global network of 500 partners across 90 countries, IYF has led and sustained coordinated action to harness the talent and potential of the world’s youth, now numbering 1.2 billion. At the heart of their efforts is building partnerships, initiatives, and curricula that prepare young men and women to succeed as citizens, employees, entrepreneurs, and change-makers.

The problems they wanted to solve

  • The main driver for change was the decision made to track all IYF activity and outcomes at the individual beneficiary level, rather than at the programme level. This required a step change in the granularity of the data being collected, stored, analysed and reported.
  • IYF were also concerned that they had no way to share knowledge across their global organization, whether this was information on current programmes and their performance or the best practice learnings from successful delivery of projects on the ground.
  • Business Development teams were struggling with an inability to collectively track the progress of their proposals and monitor their win rates. In essence there was no single tracking and analysis mechanism for the BD operation.
  • Little contact management meant staff around the world didn’t know who was talking to who, missing opportunities for collaboration and joint approaches.

IYF chose Salesforce because of its flexibility as the world’s #1 CRM system, the dependability and ever-evolving nature of the platform and its intuitive nature. It’s also easy to learn, and provides a vast learning resource with its Trailhead platform.

The Solution

  • The design and implementation of the CRM was led by a virtual champion team with an international roll-out strategy. 
  • It involved creation of custom objects, use of NPSP, combined with Form Assembly and Mission Control third party apps, enabled IYF to not only manage their business development and programmes but start to track & report on impacts at the individual level.
  • Salesforce’s cloud-based system, together with the creation of open security settings, provides everyone with access to all contacts and an understanding of how donors relate around the world.
  • NPSP Opportunities provided the functionality used to provide Business Development teams better visibility of pipeline and prospective project sponsors.
  • Use of Activities combined with  the implementation of Salesforce for Outlook has enable the capture of  all conversations with stakeholders and made this information available to every user in IYF.

“This holistic and adaptive system allows IYF to track constituents – both beneficiaries as well as business development contacts and organizations, deploy custom surveys, track data and outcomes on individual participants, track and manage interventions , assess capacity strengthening services, report institutional and donor-driven KPIs.”

Outcomes of the Implementation

Although still in the adoption phase, implementing Salesforce has meant that the team now has access to contact details across the world, so everyone has visibility over how their donors relate around the world with a 360 degree view of contact and interaction.

The team has a greater sense of mission and also adopted campaigns to track activity, as well as integrating Eventbrite which has realised efficiencies for the marketing team.

“Implementing Salesforce has invigorated IYF, we’re now a more open, more connected and more engaged organisation. We’re still very much at the start of our journey, but are extremely excited by the granularity of data now available to us and the opportunities this brings.” Pia Campbell Director, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning

  • The greater transparency and access to data that Salesforce has made possible is enhancing the way IYF works collectively. It has fostered a clearer sense of the big picture and a greater identification with their mission.
  • It’s vastly improved the tracking of projects and programmes across the organisation.
  • We have better visibility of information has made the organisation more efficient: employees now self serve, accessing the data themselves rather than e-mail colleagues to ask questions.
  • We have more effective Business Development process with enhanced ability to spot new opportunities then track / manage these through the sales process.
  • We have made huge efficiencies generated by managing international events with Salesforce and third party event apps.
  • We have seen improved reporting of outcomes, not only internally but shared with funders and sponsors of each programme.

Recommendations for others looking to implement Salesforce

“Adopt a phased-in approach for development / deployment. Make sure Change management is embedded into scoping, discovery and design phases, and engage different departments / staff at the relevant stages. Make sure you have dedicated staffing and resources (institutional, ongoing) to maintain momentum.”

Change Management Course

One of the main motivations for IYF to work with Economic Change was it’s expertise in Change Management. The IYF team benefited from the content of our 8 Step Change Management Course.

Our next Change Management Course starts in December 2018 or March 2019. It’s a three-month Virtual Training Course with weekly webinars, starting on Thursday 13th December 10am-12pm.

Over three months, participants will be equipped with our 8 Step Plan to Change Management, which will enable them to implement a change management strategy that is tailored to their project and organisational culture. Find out more about the course>> 

Listen to the IYF story

IYF invited the Economic Change Team to co-present with them at the MERL Tech Conference 2018 in London to share their journey of international digital transformation to improve monitoring and evaluation.

Listen here!

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