Celebrating 8 years of being a Salesforce consultancy for nonprofits

Economic Change CIC was officially launched by Heather Black in 2012 when she was expecting her first baby and she decided to become an independent salesforce consultant for non-profits to work flexibility around her new family. With a background in impact measurement and non-profit management she had used Salesforce for two years to power her own non-profit and it felt like the right career path to take.

By 2015 she had more work than she could handle and a vision to help more charities. With her entrepreneurial spirit she decided to scale the social enterprise and successfully secured investment from Big Issue Invest to kickstart their growth.

Roll on to 2020 and she is proud of her accomplishments to date…

  • A Passionate Experienced Team – We now have a team of over 20 people with established experience of managing large to small scale CRM projects. Together they hold over 68 salesforce certifications and qualifications in project management and business analysis and they proud of learning, performing at their best and delivering success for customers. We have also established an experienced senior management team across sales, delivery and operations to support our next stage of growth.
  • A Vast Client Portfolio – We have worked with over 285 clients on 578 projects from local to international non-profits to transform the way they manage impact, programme delivery, fundraising, grant management, memberships and beyond. We have maintained a 65% repeat/referral rate throughout the years as we continue to retain customers as they scale up their digital operations and we continue to attract client/partner referrals.
  • Capacity Building Non-Profits – We have empowered non-profits  with a blended approach of consultancy, support contracts, virtual admin training solutions, and thought leadership webinars and blogs to share best practice, ideas and inspiration to help charities on their digital journey.
  • Customer Success – We like to hear the difference that Salesforce is making to organisations through our sharing customer success stories and receiving lovely feedback and reviews via our App Exchange listing which makes our heart sing and our team proud of what they have delivered.
  • Giving Back – As a social enterprise, we reinvest our profit into social aims. Since Nov 16 we successfully piloted and scaled a global workforce development programme called Supermums to upskill and support other mums to pursue a career in salesforce. Economic Change now provides work experience to over 60 trainees a year who provide pro-bono support on our projects. With their help we have been able to help 154 charities benefit from £512k pro-bono support.

So what’s next..

Our social enterprise has the firm foundations for growth and we want to continue to grow our team and our portfolio clients to double our size over the next 3 years delivering a suite of solutions and a range of services for our clients. Now more than ever non-profits are needing to embrace digital solutions at a reasonable cost.

If you would like us to be part of your digital success story then contact us today..

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