Celebrating our 13th Birthday with a New Brand!

Celebrating our 13th Birthday with a new brand: what are the secret ingredients to Economic Change?

With 13 years’ experience under our belt of helping non-profits, we are excited to announce our new branding and what it stands for.  

This week we hit 1000 sales with our non-profits clients, and with each sale we are able help non-profits and their teams to embrace digital technology and demonstrate their impact. Through each project we learn, understand and provide a package of support to help our clients achieve their end goal.    

Our new brand and the four dots (our four-leaf clover!) mean something very important…they are our four secret ingredients that we like to pay attention to when we get involved with a client! We provide a one or more services to help our clients define their management strategy, impact measurement, embrace digital technology with Salesforce and third-party apps and plan their change management strategy.  

We work with leaders and their teams in fundraising, membership, volunteer management, marketing, sales, service delivery, grant management, education to help them realise their ambition.  

Many consultancies just focus on one thing e.g. impact measurement, salesforce, management processes, and we find quite often that the non-profit doesn’t get the full solution they want to achieve as they must find experts that understand the big picture. If a non-profit wants to improve their impact measurement, it’s ideal to have one consultancy who can help with the theory of change, monitoring process and monitoring system as a package. We provide the end-to-end solution where it’s needed or work with other consultants as necessary to achieve the outcome. 

We hire experts with non-profit and professional backgrounds in impact, membership, service delivery, sales, marketing etc. Our team really are amazing.  

I’m delighted that we still average a 65% repeat and referral rate as customers come back to us again for ongoing support and are inspired by our team.  

We are passionate about working with non-profits and we really want to understand your mission, strategy and requirements and turn it into a reality. To find out more about our services visit https://www.economicchange.co.uk/services/  


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