Charities Discount Package

We aim to support charities of all sizes, in particular those with small budgets and limited resources. To respond to this need, we offer eligible charities a package of support, advice and guidance to set up and implement a Salesforce CRM system to suit your charities needs and mission.

Our Charity Discount Package Scheme is part of our Supermums Initiative

How does the Scheme Work?

We have developed a unique delivery model that delivers a consultancy service alongside a workforce development programme to support mums to up skill and secure flexible well-paid work. Our experienced consultants hold the design and delivery of a salesforce implementation, whilst our trainees deliver 48 hrs of pro-bono support helping to build the system under the guidance of the consultant and a mentor.

We operate a rolling application process where discount implementations projects start in May, Aug, Nov or Feb and last for a three-month duration.

This schedule aligns with a two-month window when trainees participate in the work experience, so the start and finish time is restricted to these time frames.

Apply Now

Our Salesforce Consultancy Partners are looking for small charity implementations for our trainees to work on. If you want to benefit from some pro-bono hours on your Salesforce implementation project then simply fill in the form below and we’ll arrange to contact you to discuss your needs.

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