Client Case Study: Visionary – Linking Local Sight Loss Charities

Client Case Study: Visionary – Linking Local Sight Loss Charities 

Visionary is a membership organisation for local sight loss charities (sometimes known as local societies or associations for blind and partially sighted people). 

Visionary believes that local organisations are best placed to offer local help and support. They have lots of information and advice and practical solutions to living with sight loss. 

Visionary invested in Salesforce to improve their membership management and related services and to produce statistical analytics to track local demand and supply of relevant member services across the UK.  

Over the last year, Economic Change has supported their initial investment in Salesforce through business analysis and technical development work to improve membership management, intelligence and support. More recently they took out a support contract with us, so we could continue to mentor their internal Salesforce Administrator who is now completing the more basic administration tasks.  

Alexa Sage, Development &  Innovation Manager for Visionary, rated Economic Change 10 out of 10 on our Customer Satisfaction Survey: 

“Economic Change have done a world of good for our organisation through their Salesforce support and I have absolute confidence in their CRM and impact measurement expertise. They have changed the way we work to help our team embed more efficient processes, save on admin time, and create a better experience for our members. 

They play a very valuable role in strengthening the third sector in my opinion. 

For us, accessibility for people with sight loss and the assistive technology they use was really important. Our partner understood these needs and already had a good level of awareness. They also put us in touch with Salesforce directly when they were not able to answer questions themselves.”


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