Achieve Digital Transformation with Change Management

Are you planning to take your team on a journey of digital transformation?

Have you worked somewhere, where a CRM isn’t used?

If yes, then you’re not alone …

Organisations spend time and money investing in digital transformation only for it to belly-flop, and then wonder why. In the worst-case scenario they may have replaced one CRM for another, only for the same situation to arise.

Where does the blame lie?The technology, the consultancy, the organisation, the CEO, the project manager? We need to dig a bit deeper to understand what can go wrong with CRM implementation.

The stats make depressing reading. International industry research has shown that:

“Success in 68% of technology projects is ‘improbable.’” (AIG consulting)

“McKinsey estimates that 70% of change programs fail to achieve their goals, in large part due to employee resistance.” (Forbes)

“28% of projects fail due to inadequate change management (PMI)”

The key reasons for failure of CRM projects are:

  • Lack of Executive Sponsorship
  • Inadequate Business Analysis
  • Poor Change Management

We believe that Change Management actually sits at the heart of this process. By having a Change Management Strategy in place, it should ultimately improve executive sponsorship and business analysis.

“Achieve Salesforce Success with an Effective Change Management Strategy in Place” 

Heather kickstarted the Salesforce Non-Profit Connected World Tour conference on the 8th November, with a session at 9am on this topic.

Having been responsible for over 324 Salesforce implementations with 174 nonprofits, she is very familiar with some of the challenges that may arise. Many of the issues can sit outside of her control as they are influenced by having a good internal change management strategy.

Heather embedded Change Management principles into her Salesforce consultancy services early on, through becoming a qualified Change Management Practitioner with APMG. She now champions our clients to deploy an internal Change Management strategy to maximise their chance of CRM success.

Watch a replay of her presentation here recorded by webinar 

To give Change Management some deserved attention, this month, Heather launches her Change Management for Digital Transformation Virtual Training Course and One to One Coaching Programme.

Below we explain how challenges can escalate if a change management plan isn’t deployed.

  • Low executive sponsorship of a new CRM can result in poor understanding and communication around the rational, goals and vision for the CRM.
  • Poor communication around the proposed project and outcomes of the CRM will result in low engagement in the design and adoption process.
  • Low engagement means people don’t dedicate enough time planning and discussing requirements of the new system design resulting in poor business analysis.
  • Poor business analysis will result in an in-adequate system design where the organisation and team members don’t maximise the benefits.
  • Low level benefits means the team has a lack of enthusiasm and adoption, with low engagement in new business processes and rules, resulting in poor data integrity.
  • Poor data integrity results in a lack of trust and value in the new CRM, resulting in reverting back to the norm or alternative processes and tools being used.
  • The ultimate result is CRM failure.

Don’t put your CRM project at risk! Invest in creating a change management plan..

About the Change Management for Digital Transformation Programme

A three month Virtual Training Course with weekly webinars starting Thursday 13th December 10-12pm, with the option to purchase additional one-to-one coaching sessions.

Heather spends time training and coaching client-side CRM Project Managers to master change management. Over three months, participants will be equipped with her 8 step plan, which will enable them to implement a change management strategy that is tailored to their project and organisational culture.

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