Are these the key elements your charity needs to drive your Programme Delivery?

Chances are the answer is yes.

Have you considered however how many of these components can be delivered in a time and budget efficient approach? 

Better still, have you considered how many of these elements to managing your programmes require paper forms, data contained in multiple spreadsheets, files, manual data entry and repeatable tasks – often involving errors, duplication and resulting in inaccurate and poor reporting for funders and stakeholders alike? 

What’s the answer we hear you say. 

As experts in understanding the nuts & bolts of programme delivery and how to address the challenges of managing project processes and data management, we have designed a bespoke solution.

Our Programme Exchange Product adopted by many of non-profit clients – both big and small is designed to help you implement a Salesforce CRM solution with customised features including automation and digitisation and specifically tailored to meet non-profit organisations project and programme management needs. 

As part of our Digital Transformation Series we will be showcasing examples of how charities have implemented this solution to the application of their programmes and projects, in turn allowing them to deliver successfully on time, budget and meet impact outcomes. 

So stay tuned and join us to learn how to grow, expand and upscale your organisation’s capacity to meet your strategic goals and mission for 2020.

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