Dreamforce Announcements – Save your Non-Profit Time.

Salesforce continues to live out it’s values of customer success by providing the best technology and innovation that they can offer. There is a reason it’s the best CRM in the world! This year’s Dreamforce was all about Artificial Intelligence and it’s contribution to supporting customer success.

We’re excited to share some of the product announcements that might make a difference to your non-profit.

Einstein Bot – Salesforce has launched its own chatbot providing a way for customers to get customer support with the help of artificial intelligence. It’s estimated that a third of standard customer enquiries could be handled by a bot rather than a person to improve efficiency.

For non-profits, this might support Q&A functionality with groups of stakeholders such as Volunteers, Beneficiaries and Team Members who are looking for a quick answer to their common questions. Why not assess if Einstein Bot could work for you?

Einstein Voice – Are you always on the run and out in the field? Then reduce the need for manual typing with Einstein Voice. Einstein Bot utilises Siri and your message is transcribed and intelligently mapped using AI to records, fields and create new actions like tasks directly in Salesforce.

For non-profits, this free tool could support your team members to record their notes following meetings in a quicker way than typing. Mitigate the risk of losing important information about stakeholders by having it as an option.

Customer 360 – Salesforce takes this vision one step further by utilising the functionality of it’s new acquisition Mulesoft to enable visualisation of data from different systems all within your main Salesforce instance. Mulesoft enables you to identify useful customer information from external systems and present this against a customer in Salesforce so you can see a complete 360 view of a customer. Data silo’s are definitely becoming a thing of the past.

Philanthropy Cloud – We have been closely following the development and announcement of the new Philanthropy Cloud and it’s ability to support corporates and non-profits to maximise their giving and fundraising efforts. We will be publishing a special release blog on this product written by our in-house expert Garth Evans, who has extensive expertise in corporate, CSR and non-profits.

Alongside these main announcements, there are some clever administrator developments, such as the Lightning Object Creator, Guided Action List, Batch Import for NPSP and Quick Text.

Watch the 2018 Dreamforce highlights here to find out more.

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