Economic Exchange: Shaping Future Strategy for Youth Organisations


Shaping Future Strategy for Youth Organisations

During our latest Economic Exchange webinar, we shared different approaches to shaping and realising a strategy for youth support organisations, to deliver their services whilst embracing digital technology.

We reviewed the role of data, approaches to communications and how to empower and support your team of staff and volunteers to deliver using digital tools.
To help achieve these outcomes, we also looked at a range of funders who could support the implementation of these solutions, and had a guest speaker from the Paul Hamlyn foundation.


Here Paul Hamlynare a few of the ideas we discussed…

1. Analyse data to shape your strategy

During the webinar we covered the wide range of data metrics you could collect about young beneficiaries and volunteers to assess effectiveness of delivery and impact. We discussed how the data could inform your future strategy for delivery of services to review, improve and develop them.

  • Review beneficiary needs – Understand the baseline requirements of your beneficiaries to understand if your current services are meeting their needs, or whether you have evidence from your data to demonstrate a need to innovate and develop new services.
  • Review the ingredients of a successful outcome – analyse the data to find out which elements of your support is creating positive outcomes – is it the skills and contacts of an adviser or a volunteer, partners or the type of provision?
  • Review who your best partners are – analyse your data to find out who refers people to you and who helps you achieve your outcomes if you refer people on! Collaborate, engage and build on these successful partnerships.

2. Improve your communicacanstockphoto15034266tion strategy to engage beneficiaries and volunteers 

We discussed how you can utilise a range of digital tools to produce well-formatted, accessible, suitable and automated communications to engage young people and volunteers.

  • Make it easy – Make it accessible to complete an application form via online, mobiles, social media etc. Remember to cater for different needs – offer the application form in multiple formats.
  • Make it quick and manageable – People are busy, so break up the application form into short bits so it doesn’t take long. Automate the sending of the next parts as they submit previous parts and automate reminders reminding them to finish their applications.
  • Short but sweet – Layout is everything! People don’t read the entire email, so make it clear what they need to read.
  • Time it well (not when they’re asleep, not when they’re partying) .

3. Foster team collaboration to realise your strategy 

We discussed different ways to support and engage your team of employees and volunteers to improve team working and empowerment to help realise a strategy. Three ideas included:

  • Enable opportunities for your team of employees and volunteers to collaborate on an online forum to share their contacts and knowledge with each other to maximise support for beneficiaries.
  • Reduce the admin – through digital tools you can reduce administration of tasks for both internal staff and volunteers.
  • Create an Alumni network – look at different ways to engage  beneficiaries and volunteers beyond their services, so they can continue to be engaged and support in different ways via speaking, attending events or donating.
  • Build an engaged community – Create a shared online environment for all – which can highlight performance, share cases studies, news and resources, empower volunteers and staffs to input and share appropriate data.

To learn more about these techniques and hear client case studies, you can view the recorded webinar here

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