Fairlight Community Shop Open Meeting

Heather Black of Economic Change, has been facilitating a planning group in her local village to research the idea of taking over the local Post Office and Shop and turning it into a Community Enterprise, in readiness to apply for the Power for Change programme.

With community consultation well underway we organised an open meeting at the Village Hall last weekend.

We had a great turnout of over 100 people showing great enthusiasm, interest and support for the idea with financial pledges and volunteer commitments made!

plunkett foundation

In attendance we kindly had the support of Mark McTaggart, specialist adviser from the Plunkett foundation and also guest Sue Prochak, Parish Councillor from Hurst Green Community Shop.

We are delighted to have accessed support from our Parish Council as well as the Plunkett Foundation in developing the idea, in partnership with Esmée Fairbairn and Locality.

We now have a total of 180 surveys completed from local residents with 80% completely backing the community enterprise concept….only 3% don’t think its a viable option.
Find out more about our planning process here

The Economic Change team produced the following infographics, to share some initial findings with people at the event:-


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