From Salesforce Admin to Data Manager – the changing job responsibilities of an Internal Admin  

With increasing attention on GDPR, data compliance, security and customer intelligence, the traditional role of a Salesforce Admin is quickly evolving into a Data Manager with more responsibility for the organisation’s data.  

At Economic Change we have been helping our charities to shape the internal responsibilities of their Data Managers, and to recruit Data Managers through our Salesforce Supermums Programme – check out our recent Blog featuring its first graduate Jen, who joined the SRA as their Data Insight Manager.  

So what might the job responsibilities of a Data Manager be? 

  • Compliance – to create and enforce policies for effective data management. 
  • Quality Checking – they formulate management techniques for quality data collection to ensure adequacy, accuracy and legitimacy of data 
  • Security – devising and implementing efficient and secure procedures for data management, data sharing and analysis with attention to security and confidentiality. They will ensure digital databases and archives are protected from security breaches and data losses 
  • Data Analysis – they will discover efficient ways to organize, store and analyze data to support teams in their performance analysis.  They will assist with reports and data extraction for team members 
  • System Admin – to have a strong understanding of databases and data customisation and analysis procedures.  

A data manager doesn’t need to be a full-time role for a small charity, so think about looking for flexible, qualified professionals who want part-time work – it’s exactly why we started training up mums as Salesforce Administrators. If you would like to consider a mum as a part-time Data Manager, then you can speak to 

If you are interested in mentoring support for your internal Salesforce Admin to develop them into a Data Manager, then check out our mentoring support contracts here.  



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