With just 5 months left to prepare for GDPR, we’ve pulled together a series of handy resources to help you keep calm, and be ready when the regulation comes in to effect on 25th May.

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It’ll come as no surprise to you that we evangelise about CRM – we live and breathe Salesforce, and we are committed to making it work for you. Here’s why, and how it can help you with GDPR:

  1.  Client information 
    New GDPR regulation will mean you need have a clear record of each person on your database, and the consent they gave to be held on your database at the first point of contact. Regulation aside, you should have a complete 360 degree viewpoint of your constituents – it’s the first stepping stone to building strong relationships. A good CRM system enables you to hold information about all your stakeholders whether they are customers, donors, volunteers, staff or funders and track all your interactions with them, in one place.
  2. Data integrity  
    Creating process and structure to your data inputting helps maintain an accurate and up-to-date database, which is key to GDPR compliance. You’ll also need to maintain and refresh consent with your constituents, and keep records of this consent.
  3. Customer Intelligence  
    It’s vital to build relationships with your core audience – the best way to do this is to understand them. What do they need/want from you? How do they interact? What motivates them? Being able to group your customers helps tailor your communications to them, and to keep them engaged. Stay relevant!
  4. Better Customer Communications  
    GDPR is an opportunity to clean out your data – and to focus your energies on speaking to an engaged audience. Marketing Automation is increasingly important and will continue to be so – you need to focus on your data in order to build relevant and engaging customer journeys.
  5. Data security  
    Data in spreadsheets across desktops and folders just isn’t compliant. And it isn’t a secure and diligent way of managing your customer data. Keep it safe and protected – it’s precious (and the law!).

Steps to Take Now

The ICO also has a twelve-step document and has just issued FAQs to help your organisation prepare.

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