What do Grant Making Foundations need from a CRM System?

We were delighted to co-host an event with Salesforce.org in May, with a group of Grant Making Foundations to ask them what they really needed from a CRM system and what Salesforce could offer to help.

At the start of the event, we asked the grantmakers to share their challenges and needs. Many of them shared the same pain points around their existing existence being;

  • with poor visibility of data in the organisation,
  • a lack of team understanding about what is possible the CRM solutions available,
  • enough information to convince their teams about benefits gained through investing in a new solution.

What do they aspire to achieve from a CRM?

They aspired to have a system that would help to;

  • understand the funds they had raised and distributed,
  • being able to cross-cut data, e.g. across programmes, the different type of financial products, beneficiary groups and geographies,
  • They wanted to produce visual data analysis with dashboards that could be useful to fund managers and by trustees.

A few of the event attendees had experienced Salesforce before and the delegates shared the benefits of Salesforce they had personally experienced. This included:

  • Data visibility through dashboards and reports providing one single point of truth,
  • Internal efficiencies through task management and automation,
  • Customisation and scalability unique to their organisational needs,
  • Self-management to develop and manage the system going forward.

Locality Share their experience and the benefits of implementing Salesforce.

Locality is the national membership network supporting local community organisations to be strong and successful.

Economic Change client Locality, joined us for the event and shared how Salesforce had transformed their grant management process over the last 5 years. It has effectively provided huge savings in efficiency and management of grant applications across multiple programmes and it provided clear management processes for all of their internal team and external stakeholders to follow. Their solution relies on Salesforce customisation, salesforce communities, and third party apps Clicktools and Conga. As an organisation they now self-manage and adapt their system to meet changing priorities.


What other functionalities could Grantmakers adopt into their CRM?

Economic Change, the lead consultancy, summarised the range of functionality that clients could adopt.


  • EOI/Application Record
  • Web-Based Online Application Forms or secure Password Protected Online Application Forms
  • Auto-acknowledgement email sent to applicant with copy of application
  • Reporting around Applications per Programme/Funding Round


  • Assessment Records
  • Secure Area for Assessors to Collaborate and Record Scores
  • Email and Correspondence Tracking
  • Contract Templates Generated from System to Email Client (E-Signature option)

Grant Management

  • Grant Award and Payment Profiles Recorded
  • Support/Pro-Bono Support Recorded
  • Impact Progress Reports Completed – Online Form or Submission
  • Reporting for Grants Disbursed per Programme/Funding Round

Are you interested in understanding how Salesforce could work at your Grantmaking Organisation?

Economic Change are specialists in implementing Salesforce CRM into Grantmaking organisations. Read more about our specialist services and the review case studies from clients we have already worked with here.

If you are interested in finding out more about our services then please contact us.

Tel: 020 3051 8333

Email info@economicchange.co.uk or complete the contact form here.



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