Hiring Salesforce Talent? Check out Salesforce Supermums

buzzword_icons_salesforce_superhero_mum_round_v2Are you interested in hiring a Salesforce Supermum?

Do you need Salesforce Admins, PMs, Consultants or Sales staff?

We are looking for organisations who consult or use Salesforce who are keen to hire women as part of their team.

[highlight dark=”no”]Why?[/highlight]

We are currently training mums on a six month course which covers the Salesforce Administration curriculum, Trailhead, Third Party Apps, Project Management, Business Analysis and Change Management. By the end of the course the participants will sit their Salesforce Administrator Certification, have numerous Trailhead Badges under their belt as well as gain practical work experience and mentoring from our team.  We are running four courses a year.

[highlight dark=”no”]The Trainers [/highlight]

We are a Registered Salesforce Partner and Consultancy delivering training and consultancy solutions to clients on a daily basis so we are sharing our expertise. Our team have a background in training and coaching people to help them get back into work so we are combining our passion for salesforce with our passion to help people re-enter the workforce – Salesforce Supermums was born. Salesforce.com staff are supporting the development of the course curriculum and providing mentoring to our mums to show them the latest Salesforce features.

[highlight dark=”no”]The Participants[/highlight]

Many of the participants showing interest in the course have had professional careers before having a family in areas such as CRM Implementation, Business Analysis, Digital Marketing, Sales, Business Management, Technical Advisers and Management Consulting working at Corporates, SME’s and Non-Profits. They have incredible CV’s and they are now super keen to join the Salesforce eco-system.

Based on the range of expertise, the mums could easily walk into a range of career roles as a project management, consultant, sales, business analysis, or salesforce administrator roles with salaries ranging from £30k to £75k pa. We are interested in hearing about any of these opportunities.

The participants are looking for flexible career options which could be part-time and/or remote-working to fit around their family needs.

[highlight dark=”no”]How can you recruit?[/highlight]

Fund a Scholarship – We will promote your job opportunity as a scholarship and shortlist candidates for you to interview. If you choose a candidate the fee you pay will fund their training costs and pay for the recruitment process. We would expect a minimum one year job contract which would start three months into the course.

Job Opportunities – If you have suitable job opportunities and wish to advertise them to our self-funding mums, we will circulate and shortlist suitable candidates. The fee for managing the recruitment and selection process is based on the job role.

[highlight dark=”no”]The Cost[/highlight]

Our fee schedule for scholarships and recruitment are both cheaper than typical recruitment agencies, so it’s a good deal. Economic Change is a a non-profit social enterprise, so our mission is to support people back into work and cover our costs. What’s the benefit? – You will get access to brand new BUT experienced talent in the market place that recruiters don’t yet have on their books, with the most recent Salesforce training plus more insight and expertise about how to do good CRM implementations!

If your company or non-profit is interested in getting involved then click here to register you details here and we will be in contact.

Many thanks for your interest!

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