Impact Readiness Fund – Approved Provider

Economic Change CIC is an approved provider for the new Impact Readiness Fund. 

Grants are available to help ambitious social ventures manage their performance and increase their social impact to attract social investment and win contracts.

The new £1.5 million pilot fund managed by the Social Investment Business for the Cabinet Office will offer grants and support to social ventures to understand and improve their social impact and demonstrate improvements to investors and commissioners.

Grants between £15,000 and £150,000 will be available until late January 2015 to help ventures build infrastructure and skills required to manage their performance, increase their social impact, and attract social investment / win contracts.

Check out the eligibility criteria here

Social ventures are required to work with one of the fund’s approved support providers to develop a programme of impact readiness work and submit an application. 

Economic Change is working with interested applicants to submit joint proposals. We will provide attendees with further information about the application process, provide guidance on how to prepare your proposal and tell you more about how we can support you during the application process.

Contact:Heather Black, Managing Director, Economic Change – 

Economic Change CIC specialises in helping social ventures to measure their performance and social impact on a real-time basis as part of an integrated management process. 

Our combined expertise in business strategy, contract management, management system design and social impact helps us to produce a complete solution for our clients.

The solution helps our clients to develop their service offer, streamline business processes and evaluate their customer experience; Leading to increased efficiencies, sustainability and overall impact.

We offer clients a blend of services:

  • Business and Change Management Strategy
  • Developing impact frameworks and monitoring processes
  • Evaluating Cost Benefit Analysis and SROI 
  • Developing management systems specifications
  • System implementation using Salesforce CRM
  • Independent evaluation
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