Over the next few weeks we are interviewing some of our clients to find out how improved data intelligence has realised benefits for their charity and team to improve efficiency, sustainability and impact. We are looking at different perspectives from fundraising, impact and volunteering.

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We are doing a deepdive into five key questions: 

  1. Visualisation – What did you want to see from your data that you couldn’t before?
  2. Management – How did you manage your data before and how is it now
  3. Analytics – How do you see and analyse your data now in Salesforce
  4. Intelligence – How has the information influenced your relationships with stakeholders?
  5. Impact – What difference has data made to your organisation overall?

Register here to attend

Register for the Fundraising Session – 2pm on 28th June >>
Jamie Fyleman, Global Director of Fundraising and Corporate Communications at Justice and Care

Register for the Impact Management Session – 11:30am on 5th July >>
Jo Haffenden, Impact & Evaluation Manager at the MS Society


Register for the Volunteer Management Session – 15:00 on 8th July >>
John Shepherd, CEO of Trailblazers Mentoring


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