Integrating Salesforce with Online Payments

According to the 2019 global study by Non Profit Tech for Good examining Technological trends in the sector did you know that 95% of non profits and charities in Europe have a website yet only 56% accept online donations on their websites – which is 8% below the global average, furthermore only 26% have an online store. 

This got us thinking about how & why many charities with a Salesforce CRM instance are also not capitalising on online payment tools by extending the functionality of their system

Why should your charity can take advantage of online payment tools that integrate with your Salesforce instance?

It goes without saying that the primary reason is the value of seamlessly flowing information from your donation pages into your database and help drive your fundraising strategy forward. Your teams will manage your campaigns more effectively and you will gain more insight into how your fundraising and engagement techniques might be refined in the future.

Here are some additional key benefits we think give your organisation a ‘commercial edge’ over alternative conventional ‘standalone’ donation and payment platforms. 

Full Customisation Options: If you fundraise through donations then an effective donation app for your Salesforce platform should allow you to create as many separate donation pages as your organization needs and fully customize them to fit your campaigns. Offering donors options like predefined or custom donation amounts, recurring gifts, and newsletter sign-ups can go a long way to boost engagement.

Plus, it’s essential that your donation pages fit with your organization’s visual style and branding. Donors need to be assured of the donation form’s security and trustworthiness whenever you ask them to input sensitive information. Visual branding and customizable text, images, and video reaffirm your organization’s identity on these crucial pages.

Intuitive or Dynamic Reporting: By synchronising the contacts in your Salesforce Instance with a compatible donation or subscription payment app or product you can leverage the reporting and data options to maximise your insight into the profile, behaviour and trends of donations. For instance, you can associate each donation form with a specific campaign and even automatically create a new donor profile whenever you secure a gift from a new supporter.

Strong User Experience:

With the rapid rise of smartphone web browsing, it’s more important than ever that your web pages function perfectly on small screens if you want to keep your audiences engaged. The same is true for your donation pages. Many Salesforce donation apps provides mobile-responsive options that optimise the potential of your website – Otherwise, you risk turning away essential mobile donors.


Our starter to Online Payment Tools

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We’re excited to announce that FinDock will be talking all things related to processing donations and synchronising data on donors with donations and more! 

FinDock provide a payment processing solution and have specialised in the NPSP package offering a pre-built integration that respects all the core processes in NPSP and works seamlessly in the background.

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