Lets Talk – Calling on Charities going Digital!

Get involved in the conversation

Get connected to your peers who are going through the digital journey too.

From of the primary questions we get asked is whether we can connect charities to other charities on the same journey of digital transformation. 

We’ve set up a community specifically aimed at anyone working in a charity or non-profit and tasked with making digital changes or involved in shaping how data is handled in their organisation. We know from working with hundreds of projects that being the go to person can be a tough job, especially when faced with the challenges of implementing tech solutions so we created ‘a shoulder to cry on’ of sorts – our Charities Going Digital Facebook Group

We have also planned CGD Meet Ups – the next is on the 1st of November. in London. Register here

In most instances charities select a product or solution on the basis of recommendation from fellow peers or organisations akin to them and look to them for practical guidance but also moral support and encouragement. 

As part of our mission to foster good practice and create communities of excellence and innovation we felt it imperative that we create forums on and offline to nurture those conversations especially around CRM, automation and using applications to deliver organisational objectives. 

Reap the rewards…  

Make the most of the connections and kick start conversations around topics that are important to you! 

  • How has going digital benefited your charity in terms of fundraising, marketing etc?
  • Would anyone be open to sharing their solution?
  • What technology solutions do you use and why?
  • What have been the challenges?
  • What was your business case for investing in tech and did you achieve it?
  • What was the best way of training team members

We also pledge that whilst we consider ourselves experts in the sector, we’ll try and answer your questions and/or signpost you to someone who knows more or whom can resonate with your journey! 

Join the conversation today and take advantage of the opportunity with over 250 members..

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