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We are a social enterprise which brings market-leading Salesforce technology to our clients, whatever their size or cause. We empower your team with strategy, tools and structure to grow your non for profit.

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Struggling to manage your volunteer onboarding and placements effectively?

We have been helping international to local volunteering teams including the Shaw Trust, Lattitude Global and Trailblazers improve their efficiency, security and scalability of volunteering using Salesforce CRM.

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“Economic Change have been instrumental in not only implementing Salesforce at Trailblazers, but helping the team get to grips with a deeper understanding of how to effectively use and manage the solution to maximum benefit for the organisation and our wide network of mentors.Having Salesforce in place has given us so much more confidence in the data that we have around our mentor programme and made it significantly easier for us to collect and store data, access it, and share it internally and with our wider mentor community “

John Shephard CEO, Trailblazers

Struggling to manage your grant giving activity and report on grant activity easily?

We have been helping international to local Trusts and Foundations including Lloyd’s Community Foundation, Power to Change and the Paul Hamlyn Foundation improve their efficiency and support the scalability of their grant giving using Salesforce CRM.

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“The Salesforce implementation enabled us to have a single overview of the full range of grants we had made and how we were working with community businesses across the country. It tied together the details needed for our finance team with information on social impact and contextual information on the places our funds were reaching. The main benefit of working with Economic Change was shifting my perspective to think more broadly about business needs and how Salesforce could support those. They also guided us through the thinking of what processes and structures needed to be in place to enable that.”

David Chater, Head of Funds

“The implementation of Salesforce has invigorated IYF, we’re now a more open, more connected and more engaged organisation. We’re still very much at the start of our journey, but are extremely excited by the granularity of data now available to us and the opportunities this brings.”

Pia Campbell,
Director, Monitoring,Evaluation & Learning

Struggling to manage programme delivery and report on monitoring and Impact?

We have been helping international to local programme delivery teams including the International Youth Foundation, MS Society and Alzheimer’s and Dementia improve their efficiency whilst increasing their impact and scalability of services using Salesforce CRM.

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“We’re now more donor-centric than we’ve ever been. Salesforce has provided that 360 view of our donors that we desperately wanted; it’s enabled us to break down the silos between different types of contacts and manage them all with a co-ordinated strategy”

Sabrina Lloyd, Supporter Engagement Manager

Struggling to grow your fundraising activity and report on fundraising easily?

We have seen many Non for Profits struggle to implement a good system in place to help support their fundraising efforts.

We have been helping international to local fundraising teams including Health Poverty Action, Justice and Care and Church Action on Poverty to improve their efficiency and scalability of fundraising efforts using Salesforce CRM Non Profit Success Pack.

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