Using Salesforce for GDPR Compliance  

At Economic Change we have been supporting customers to implement changes to their CRM to align with new GDPR compliance. Key steps to take include centralisation of data, security, communication preferences, data protection regulation gdpr, business rules and changing business processes amongst many other things, but one solution is to create a Dashboard that helps to demonstrate indicators of compliance with your CRM system. These are generalised and would need to be tailored to the specifics of the organisation, but gives you some ideas on where to start.  

Our Senior Consultant, Parvez Halim shares his thoughts on what you could include in a Salesforce Data Compliance Dashboard: 

  • Marketing Customer Consent
Will show the number of contacts that have gone more than 12 months since consenting to marketing. The aim is for customers to give consent every 12 months.
  • Unengaged Customers
Number of months since a customer stopped being engaged e.g. stopped donating, receiving marketing etc. If they are not engaged, then there isn’t a reason to keep their data.
  • Unengaged Users
Create a scoring system based on how often the user should be using Salesforce day to day. The aim is to champion the users who have transitioned to Salesforce, and those that still need to be nudged.
  • Data Governance Training
List of your users who are overdue for their annual/bi-annual governance training.
  • Key Information Percentage
A formula field that shows the percentage of key fields without any data. The dashboard will then show how many contacts you hold with more than 50% completed. The aim is to make Salesforce the one source of complete data.
  • Updated Contacts Details
Contacts who have gone more than 12 months since their key details have been updated by a user or the contact themselves. An app may be used that places a button on the Contact Record and sends a message to the Contact requesting they update their details.
  • Audit Review
Users audit their Contacts’ details and send it for review to be approved by a Line Manager. This could be a monthly exercise. The Dashboard could show contacts that failed review.

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