Salesforce – the #1 Tool for Impact Management


Impact Management Demo Jam

 Thursday 23rd July at 10.30am

Join our Demo Jam on the 23rd July to get an insight into the range of products available on the Salesforce Platform that could meet your Impact Management Needs. Let us you know your technology needs, your feedback, and give us your view on whether Salesforce is the #1 Solution for Impact Management.


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Salesforce has a vision to become the #1 tool for Impact Management and we would love to know your view?

Economic Change has been chosen as one of a handful of approved partners globally to work with on advising and extending awareness of their new products for Impact Management.

Our founder, Heather Black, launched Economic Change in a response to providing an end-to-end impact management solution for non-profits. It’s now our largest client base and our team consists of impact management specialists who can support an organisation with their theory of change, data collection processes and systems through to analysis.

To help you make an informed decision we are running a Demo Jam on the 23rd July showing a range of solutions to manage service delivery and ultimately track impact.

Join us to learn more about different options including:

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Social Suite

Social Suite is an advanced social impact and Einstein analytics tools native to Salesforce. With a full suite of features to capture, monitor and evaluate data it is a the dream for a national/international programme manager or monitoring and evaluation expert.

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Case Management and Program Management

Salesforce.Org have just brought two brand new products to the market place to help organisations manage their service delivery and impact management. The Program Management Solution is free and available to download,whilst the new Case Management solution is a paid for solution with advanced service management features for supporting beneficiaries.

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if you are managing a service delivery team check out Skedulo’s Deskless Productivity Cloud is the industry’s first dedicated, cloud-based solution empowering your organization to manage, engage, and analyze your deskless workforce, whether they are fixed-location workers or mobile workers. Use our mobile workforce management software to simplify complex scheduling and work assignments, improve your customer experience, and do more with less.

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KMS Lighthouse

If you provide online support to beneficiaries and looking to access advanced analytics on how your beneficiaries are accessing and using online support pages, find out more about the KMS Lighthouse Solution which integrates with Salesforce.

Interested in upskilling in Salesforce?

Join our virtual Salesforce Admin Training Course to give you the skills to DIY and manage your own Salesforce instance. Upskill to become a Salesforce Certified Administrator and empower your organisation and team with digital solutions – Find out more 

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