CRM Strategy Course

Do you want to give your CRM project the best chance of success?

Our CRM Strategy Training Course can help you.

Course Objectives

Reduce the risk of your CRM roll-out failing by having a CRM strategy in place to elicit, engage and support user adoption. 

Our 3 month course covers the key principles:

  • business analysis,
  • change management and
  • agile project management disciplines

These are essential ingredients to any CRM strategy alongside the technical know-how. 

Our course will help to put people at the heart of your CRM strategy. By having a CRM Strategy in place it should ultimately improve executive sponsorship, change management and business analysis, and boost the chance of CRM success

Course Outcomes

Delegates will be expected to prepare a CRM strategy template and competently secure & demonstrate; 

  • High Executive Sponsorship
  • Good Communication  
  • High Engagement 
  •  Good Design 
  • High Benefits 
  • Good Adoption

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