Meet the Economic Change Team at Salesforce World Tour

This week at Salesforce World Tour London, we will be presenting with Peter Brown, CEO of Dot Dot Dot at 3pm in the Theatre.

To mark the occasion, we are offering you the chance to access our Free Guide to Measuring the Impact of Salesforce on your Non-Profit!

Our quick guide to impact measurement includes example indicators, guidance on how to define and develop your indicators, and some key dependencies to consider to maximise your impact with Salesforce. 

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Dot Dot Dot

Dot Dot Dot started their Salesforce journey in 2015 – 4 years on, we reflect with Peter on the changes it has brought about to their organisation.

There are five key areas we should look at when measuring the impact of a system on your nonprofit:

  • Improved Financial Sustainability

  • Improved Business Intelligence

  • Improved Efficiency

  • Improved Customer Service

  • Improved Stakeholder Engagement

When Dot Dot Dot started on out on their journey they were keen to define their measures of success and they worked in collaboration with Economic Change to compose a theory of change for their own organisation so they could start to collect data to improve their business intelligence. This led on to the CRM implementation, with the intention of giving them a centralised data system and unified processes for the team to use to enable them to scale.

Four years on, their system and processes are embedded and continue to evolve with the support of an internal administrator and a support contract with Economic Change.

Their documented business processes have enabled them to secure the ISO9001 quality mark, which in turn has helped them to win new contracts with housing associations across the UK to boost their financial sustainability. As a result, they have successfully managed the increasing number of clients, properties and guardians thanks to the efficient processes of the system and in particular automation. Automated journeys using online tools such as Form Assembly has massively improved efficiency, as it has reduced manual administration with guardians and enabled them to process applications quicker and focus attention on a personalised service at the right points of the customer journey.

All of Dot Dot Dot team use Salesforce everyday to fulfil their job responsibilities and as a result they are able to track and communicate their impact, which included the recent celebration of guardians completing 100 years of volunteering. Their stakeholder engagement tools, such as Form Assembly also help them to track the volunteering work of their guardians and give them real impact data.

During the presentation at World Tour at 3pm we will discuss with Peter their Salesforce journey and delve into the six key ingredients that are essential for any non-profit hoping to achieve the desired outcomes of a CRM implementation.

If you’d like to meet our team at Salesforce World Tour, we’ll be around the Theatre all day (look out for our purple t-shirts!) – please do pop over and say hello! 

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