Stand Alone Case Study




StandAlone support and raise awareness about adults that are estranged from their family or children.
StandAlone offers support services to prevent estranged adults becoming vulnerable. It’s unfortunate that not all people in the UK have a close and content family experience. From their latest research from Ipsos MORI shows that 1 in 5 families in the UK will be affected by estrangement and over 5 million people have decided to cut contact with at least one family member.

The Economic Change team helped them to develop Salesforce CRM to manage team co-ordination, beneficiary engagement and delivery, and reporting for their Big Lottery funded support programme for young people across specific regions of the UK.

‘The Economic Change team really helped us improve how we measured impact. As a small organisation they facilitated us accessing software grants that helped us to run a more thorough and measurable project. The team were really understanding, helpful and understood how to create what we needed efficiently and work with us on tight deadlines. I would absolutely recommend them to any project manager.’ 

Becca Bland, CEO, StandAlone