Virtual Course

How to get your Volunteer Programmes off the ground

Our free 1 day training will equip you with the basics that you need to help get you set up and ready to go with Volunteers 4 Salesforce.

Join this full day training to find out how Volunteers for Salesforce provides an out-of-the box solution for managing volunteers for your non-profit.

If you need to manage volunteer applications and then assign them to shifts, send them notifications and track deliverables,
or create provision for self-support; enabling volunteers to sign up for sessions themselves, engage in a group conversation and peer support then this solution could be right for you.

With examples of real practical application from our experiences with other charities, we will also equip you with a 5 step plan on how to set up the solution to meet your needs.
this is an intensive and jam packed opportunity for learning not to be missed.

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