Salesforce & Education Solutions Webinar

Join us for this free webinar if you work for a non-profit and are interested in using Salesforce to:

  • Drive Sales in training and education products
  • Manage Student Applications
  • Manage Education and Training Programmes
  • Host E-Learning Environments
  • Create a Peer Learning Community

During this Salesforce Champion webinar we will be showcasing some Marketing, Education and E-Learning Platforms which use or integrate with Salesforce and support non-profits to drive and manage their education or training products

We have helped B2B and B2C non-profits to sell and manage training and educational programmes to a wide range of audiences and will be sharing some case studies and tools including HEDA (the Salesforce Higher Educational Platform), Litmos LMS, Communities amongst other tools.

Our Salesforce Champion events support organisations to harness the power of Salesforce.com technology to manage their business activities more effectively. On a regular basis we run events to raise awareness of opportunities to maximise the role and impact of your CRM database. 

Economic Change, is a Salesforce.org Impact Partner and specialist Salesforce.com consultancy for the non-profit sector, we help our clients to implement a full management solution to manage activities and performance of their different business departments and impact measurement using Salesforce CRM.


The webinar will be delivered by:

  • Parvez Halim – Our Senior CRM Consultant a– An accomplished Salesforce Consultant with a professional background in marketing and sales and empowering  non-profits with Salesforce.
  • Heather Black – Managing Director and Senior CRM Consultant – An accomplished Salesforce Consultant delivering business analysis with non-profit.

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