Tracking the Impact of your Campaigns with Salesforce.

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We know that nonprofits use marketing campaigns for four key reasons:

  • Raising awareness of your cause to generate conversation, discussion, agenda
  • Raising interest in your cause to focus attention on a specific issue
  • Creating a desire to help your cause
  • Generating action e.g. donations, volunteers, change

This is often known as the AIDA  Funnel, and helps an organisation to guide its prospects through the process.

A balance of communications and marketing activity are the skills at play here, and any charity marketing professional needs to be able to understand the impact of their work, justify marketing spend and to demonstrate ROI. We help our Salesforce Nonprofit clients to track a wide range of outcomes throughout the AIDA Funnel, for example:

  • Generating attention – boosting awareness of your cause and capturing data to demonstrate that impact e.g: asking people to sign a petition, measuring engagements with media/press, generating and measuring indicators of brand awareness e.g. increased social media interactions.
  • Generating interest in your cause – creating tailored content to resonate with your audience which is tracked e.g clicks on a campaign page, number of enquiries made to a help line, downloads of online content.
  • Generating a desire to take action & measuring these actions – creating strong call to actions with a measurable response e.g. A/B testing donations by a particular campaign message or image, number of volunteers signed up.

Tracking & monitoring needn’t be difficult!

Manual tracking, reconciling different systems and spreadsheets is time consuming and often unreliable. To build a full picture of your campaigns activity you need to integrate a number of channels and systems. By applying these tailored marketing tools, you  have the potential to track user behaviour and levels of engagement at another level.
This insight can help you be smarter in your campaigns, more knowledgeable about your stakeholders and generate efficiencies in your marketing team, meaning you can spend more time generating campaigns activity which delivers return on investment, and proves your spend is working as hard as it can be. You can also create or alter journeys at any point, meaning your engagement campaigns are always flexible.
You can sing about the impact of your work and confidently allocate funds to the strongest and most profitable marketing activity by continually tracking and analysing results.

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