Using Salesforce CRM for Impact Monitoring Webinar

At Economic Change we specialise in customising Salesforce CRM to help non-profits monitor their impact and we wanted to share our learning with you.

During this webinar we will be demonstrating how you can use Salesforce CRM and integrated third party apps to assist your team to effectively monitor outputs and outcomes to demonstrate social impact. The webinar will be of interest to potential and existing users of Salesforce CRM.

The webinar will cover:

  • Online Survey Tools that integrate data straight into the CRM.
  • Data Capture Capabilities using Mobile, Tablet, Text, Webchat and Computer.
  • Data Analysis Capabilities using Distance Travelled Summaries, Reports, and Snapshot Reporting.
  • Reports and Analytical Dashboards.
  • A live demo of Wave Analytics by Salesforce.org.
  • Example Case Studies.

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