Website Integration with Salesforce – How to optimise your data

Are you making the most of your website? 

Your SF instance is only as good as the data it recieves, and many organisations fall short of making optimum use of data channels such as their website. Integrating the two systems can bring substantial benefits. 
Here are our 5 reasons why you should be considering integrating the two.

1. Better profiling 

A distinct feature of having a CRM system is the ability to profile your audiences so your able to gain insight into what services they are interested in or why they chose to engage with your organisation. By leveraging the quality and quantity of data you gather through your website – the more powerful your CRM is in providing your teams with a comprehensive picture of your audience interaction. Better profiles allow you to more effectively manage and target marketing campaigns, while the website integration enables you to track the effectiveness of these campaigns online through conversion rates and customer response. 

2. Improved response time to queries

Many charities operate front line services and therefore providing high quality customer service is paramount. How would your website and Salesforce Instance enable this? Your CRM can automatically assign the new lead query directly to the appropriate person or team – and all of this information can be captured via the website and a trigger process can ensure that the right lead is automatically assigned to the right person. This results in a speedier and more relevant follow up response time. 

3. Instant access to up to date data 

Whether your trying to acquire new donors or new donations, sign up volunteers for a shift or capture registration details of a new service user – the likelihood is that your using your website to gather this data. Now imagine being able to instantly gain access to this data at source. Automated Integration between your website and your Salesforce Instance allows the seamless and real time ’transportation’ of your data accurately – with no manual data entry – saving on precious administrative time! 

4. Reduced admin overhead 

Speaking of admin, if your website and Salesforce Instance are not in sync then your probably spending an in-ordinate amount of either volunteer or front line worker time exporting and importing. By opting for automation you’l be reducing your overheads – (both time and money) hopefully freeing up your staff to work on more productive task

5. Single data source

By channelling all of your data ‘capture’ sources i.e from your website and any third party apps integrated with your website (for example online forms) into one Salesforce Instance you can guarantee data validity and accuracy on each of your ‘contacts’. The process of automated integration between the two ensures you eliminate the potential for duplicate records or redundant data clogging up your system. 

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