What can Salesforce CRM do for your non-profit?

Salesforce.com is the sixth largest CRM (customer relationship management system) provider in the world.

It can be easily customised to meet the needs of non-profit organisations to manage a wide range of functions: e.g. delivery of services, grant applications, volunteer management, impact measurement, contract management, HR, business development, marketing, events and finance functions.

It is adopted by organisations operating across a range of industries and sectors, whether it’s front-line service delivery, training and education, financial services, real-estate, membership subscription models to professional services.  Salesforce reports having over 150,000 customers in 2015, including 26,000 charities worldwide.

The Salesforce Foundation offers not-for-profit organisations the opportunity to apply for 10 free user licenses and subsequent discounts on additional user licenses for employees, customers, partners or volunteers with costs ranging from £8.40 to £250 per user per year depending on the level of access required.

Please find a summary of the functionality below:

Salesforce Graphic

How can Salesforce transform your organisation:

  • Improved Customer Service – Maintain a 360° view of your contacts, by being able to view a contact record and seeing a summary of interaction with that person in just one place, with easy access to the detail if needed. Know your customers – their preferences and history.
  • Improved team working – Utilise the CRM for real time management of day to day tasks and deliverables via computer, tablet or phone, to help co-ordinate team efforts, automate tasks, reduce administration and costs.
  • Real-time analytics – With the daily input of data and tracking of activity, you will beable to view reports and graphs with accurate data, ready for reporting, performance management or business development. All input data can be manipulated or extracted to produce on analytical graphs on a dashboard or on demand reports that can be exported.
  • Security and compliance – Create one secure central storage place for your organisations’ data, with the option to create tiered security so only certain visible to those who need to see it.

Check out how are customers use it….

  • Locality use Salesforce for membership management, grant management, marketing/sales, contract management and business support services.
  • A Band of Brothers use Salesforce for tracking beneficiary data and delivery and utilise Salesforce communities to provide an online portal for volunteer mentors to connect and log contact time with mentees.
  • The Co-operative College use Salesforce for managing the delivery of accredited training and consultancy services with their co-operative clients.
  • UpRising use Salesforce to manage the recruitment, assessment, matching of young people to mentors and coaches, and tracking of outcomes for young people on their leadership programmes. Alongside HR, finance and fundraising activities.

Check out a sample of client testimonials on the Salesforce App Exchange https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N3000000DpXvZEAV

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