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Evolving last month’s blog theme on community engagement we are taking it one step further in October, and talking about membership models and why they can be useful to build relationships with your stakeholders. Whether you are creating an alumni network, ‘friends of’ scheme, professional network, consolidating your crowdfunders, or creating a customer/beneficiary base – check out some reasons why membership models could be a good approach..

  1. Create a fan base – Build [highlight dark=”no”]long-term relationships with key stakeholders through[/highlight] two-way communications channels, with people who are interested and connected to what you do, and are advocates for the sector/cause you champion.  Communications channels could include an online forum, web-chat, customer forms, telephone helpline, e-newsletter amongst others.
  2. Create a customer base – You can [highlight dark=”no”]offer members financial incentives[/highlight] on a selection of products and services. Members are more likely to purchase from you or recommend you to others as they have a preferred alliance to your offerings. This creates a long-term customer base with regular and ad-hoc income streams.
  3. Build a network – people want to [highlight dark=”no”]connect with other like-minded people[/highlight] to either collaborate, converse or trade, so do they look to you to help foster these connections. You could build an online directory or online community to boost options.
  4. Champion knowledge and recognition – People join networks to demonstrate they have [highlight dark=”no”]access to knowledge[/highlight], expertise, support a cause or seek a kite-mark of recognition. They align to your values, sector insight and credibility in the industry. You could create an online areas of resources, produce an online newsletter, magazine, interactive Q&A functionality with experts, or create an online community with expert groups for shared discussion.
  5. Adhere to communications practices – Creating a membership network will help you to manage and [highlight dark=”no”]maintain a variety of communications practices with your stakeholders[/highlight], particularly with new data protection legislation coming which may lock down how, what and when you can you promote to your existing stakeholder here to find out more.

Have a look at our 10 Top Tips  on how to build a membership strategy, or talk to us about implementing Salesforce CRM to manage your membership scheme. Contact us here

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