4 Skills You Need as a Salesforce Admin

A CRM System is essential for any organisation – but it’s just as important to have people with the skills to take proper care of it! If you’re fed up of low adoption and messy data, have a read of these essential skills… Do you have a skilled Salesforce Admin in your charity?

1 – Data Guardian????
Security Management is super important – someone needs to protect your fort by managing GDPR compliance, Cyber Security and User Management

2 – System Doctor ????‍⚕️
Support your ‘patients’ by undertaking Health Checks, Error Handling and managing a Support Desk.

3 – Data Housekeeper ????
Make sure your data is clean and tidy through Duplicate Management, maintaining Business Rules for Data Integrity, and Data Cleansing as needed.

4 – System Champion ????
Have a vision and introduce new digital solutions to benefit the success of your organisation and team. Undertake business analysis, gain wider Salesforce product knowledge and benefit from external expertise by learning from consultants and the Salesforce Ohana.

If you don’t have all of these skills in your organisation, we’ve got you covered! Our Charity Admin Training Course will give you all these skills and more – everything you need to make your CRM the best! 

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