Have you thought about future proofing your staff or employees in addition to the systems your organisation has in place?

Here are our 5 reasons with examples from charity clients as to why you should consider investing in your teams to go digital.

Create a culture of collaboration: Justice & Care were able to roll out their Salesforce CRM instance across four international offices which allowed thier teams to work even more closely together across borders and share data, ideas, best practice and information across the organisation fostering a culture of joint working, understanding and insight, regardless of culture or even language. 

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Encourage Innovation & ExcellenceFront end users at Power to Change were able to explore and build on thier interest in data analytics and improve thier understanding of how to interpret data sets and use metrics to gain insight at both an individual and organisational level 

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Freedom to work flexibly: At Dot Dot Dot, employees out on site visits could now collate, record and assign tasks or actions at a touch of a button on thier laptops or mobiles whilst out on the field, saving them precious time and freeing capacity in thier workload to focus on priority tasks and target thier attention on prospective acquisitions.

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Up skill or Re-train in new digital skills and knowledge: Join the Salesforce Administrator at the Patients Association, who will share his insight first hand into how he has been pivotal through his own professional development to being part of the roll out of thier helpdesk service. 

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Check out our training courses for 2020: 

If you’re a novice Administrator or manage a team tasked with implementing or overseeing a Salesforce Instance then check out our upcoming modular based training courses, where we offer the option of purchasing one or all to suit your budget and/or compliment your existing skills set. 

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