5 Ways to Maximise User Adoption of Salesforce

The value of Salesforce is only maximised if all users see the value and are invested in the use of the CRM.  So how do you support user adoption of the CRM?  

The journey starts at the design. Below we’ve summarised our top 5 ideas, with a particular look at harnessing the power of new Lighting features.


1. Check your team have a 360 degree view of customers. 

Do users trust the data in the CRM – is all of the data, communications and activities related to contacts in one place. Is there a need to integrate or streamline systems to prevent data silos?  

It is easy to navigate the data. We love the new Related List Tab features in Lightning and Kanban views to help users organise and manage their data better.  

If users need to see data in one window, consider the value of the new Lightning service or sales console view.  




2. Are Dashboards designed and owned by different users

Do you have dashboards that are owned staff that want to analyse data at an operational or performance level on a daily, weekly or monthly level. Is the data in the CRM valuable to people to shape how they work and perform against key performance indicators?

With Lightning you can embed dashboards on the homepage, custom objects, alongside the dashboard object. Dashboards in Lightning allow for greater manipulation and customisation to really bring your stats to life.


3. Do you have clear Business Rules and Processes in place?

Is it clearly understand and communicated how staff should use a CRM on a daily basis. Have they been involved in the design and are they bought into the process that has been set out? Can you look at ways to embed business rules and processes throughout the CRM – whether it’s custom links to traditional training manual or videos, or using technical features such as validation rules or visual flows, adopting new Lightning features such as text boxes on the page layout, Pathways, or harnessing the power of Quip.




4. Can you automate data input?

Is there a way to reduce manual data input, through automation? Can you sync with Outlook or Gmail, download an app to scan business cards, creating online forms or provide community licenses to empower external stakeholders to input their own data?


5. Personalise navigation for users

With the new Lightning homepages you can really start to personalise what users see when they login. You can tailor it on a profile level, to show dashboards, calendar, activities, records etc. Check the visibility of apps, tabs, records and fields is ordered and limited to what people really need to see, to make it valuable and relevant to the user.



























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