Calling All CSR / Corporate Partnership Professionals


Call for Research Participants:

Are you looking for a better way to manage your CSR activity or your employee engagement? Are you involved in managing partnerships between corporates and charities/social enterprises? If yes, we would like to ask about your appetite and experience in using cloud-based management systems to manage your CSR activity.

We are currently undertaking some market research into whether there is a need & demand for an off-the-shelf but customisable CRM system for managing these partnerships using Salesforce CRM.

We are regularly involved in helping CSR departments and charities/social enterprises measure and monitor their impact, define KPIs and develop Salesforce CRM to manage deliverables, but currently each project is a one-off solution tailored to the organisation.

An off-the-shelf system could provide a way for organisations to monitor their activities, log their hours and provide feedback about their experience of volunteering directly within the CRM using benchmarked KPI’s. It could also give charities the access to promote volunteer and fundraising activities directly to corporate employees via a community platform. This type of functionality, increases engagement, accessibility and transparency, as it allows both organisations to track outputs and outcomes aligned to best practice.

Get involved?

We would like engage with an initial cohort of organisations to interview, and if appropriate to work with to pilot an off-the shelf solution if the idea has traction.

If you would like to discuss your experience and interests with us, then please complete the following form with your contact details


We will be arranging and conducting interviews with registered organisations between Sept-November 2015.


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