Celebrating £500,000 of pro-bono hours

This week at Economic Change we celebrate reaching a milestone of providing over £500,000 of pro-bono hours to charities. These pro-bono hours are delivered by Supermum trainees that work alongside our experienced salesforce consultants. 

As a social enterprise we deliver services to charities whilst also striving to keep them affordable.

In 2016, alongside our salesforce consultancy services we launched a workforce development programme called Supermums to upskill mums (and dads) in salesforce skills to help them achieve a flexible well-paid careers. It has proved a great success and Supermums has grown globally and supported over 250 trainees. As part of their training programme they undertake 48hrs of volunteer work experience with a Salesforce Consultancy. Once graduated these trainees progress into paid roles within charities, consultancies and companies.

“It’s absolutely brilliant to see the impact of how we can help charities access affordable technology support at an affordable price whilst also skilling up trainees to help them access new employment opportunities. We support mums who have been out of the workplace for years, to those on maternity leave that are desperate to find a more flexible career, to those who are stuck in a low paid inflexible role who are desperate for a change without loosing a career path. It has been really rewarding to see the model grow and to be financially sustaining. This is one of the hardest things for any social enterprise to accomplish when striving to have a double impact”



Here are a few quotes from charitable clients:

“I recently worked with a trainee in relation to a CRM health check facilitated by Economic Change. We are a medium sized charity working in homelessness. Having been using our system for under two years and with user adoption an obstacle to our progression I was eager to hear the trainee’s recommendations. After conducting a thorough review of our system the trainee meticulously laid out her findings and recommendations. She systematically examined the processes we most commonly use. At each stage identifying opportunities to streamline or advance our usage technique. During various one to one updates she took me through her logic behind each recommendation ensuring I understood in order to relay this to my team. This demonstrates her strength in formulating learning objectives that can be replicated for wider strategic use. I really appreciated her attention to detail and she definitely left no stone unturned. She even went a step further and offered recommendations for customization and reporting which would help me in my administrative role and beyond. This demonstrates ingenuity and the capacity to anticipate need. Overall a pleasure to work with and would recommend highly for anyone looking to streamline their CRM. ”

“As a tiny non-profit with very limited time and resources to commit to our Salesforce implementation, Economic Change’s Supermums programme was perfect for us. Our Supermum had already received comprehensive Saleforce training, so she already knew a great deal about the system and how to adapt it for our needs, and had the back up of more experienced staff at Economic Change when needed. The trainee was conscientious about completing the build and tenacious when it came to problem solving and trained me to take over as Admin once the project was finished. I would highly recommend this programme to non-profits looking to implement Salesforce on a budget”​​​​​​​

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