Find out about Change Management at the MERL Conference – London


Digital data and new media and information technologies are changing monitoring, evaluation, research and learning (MERL). The MERL Conference London will bring together a group of practitioners on the 19th-20th March, from across the globe to look at new developments, best practices and learning in the sector.

Economic Change is delighted to have been invited to speak at the event by their client International Youth Foundation (IYF), in partnership with Salesforce, to share the story of their CRM implementation.

One of the success factors of a CRM implementation is successful change management. It’s an area that IYF was particularly keen on understanding and applying to their global CRM project.



At Economic Change, we deploy an 8 step change management strategy with clients, which covers four pillars. Heather Black, Managing Director of Economic Change CIC is a certified APMG International Change Management Practitioner and Salesforce Consultant. Using these four pillars, Heather will be sharing the following top tips for a successful CRM roll out at the conference next week.



  • Prepare the business case – understand the rational, practicalities and benefits for all involved.
  • Elicit and align with individual benefits and team/departmental goals so there is buy-in.
  • Demonstrate economic outcomes to support strategic organizational benefits to achieve financial buy-in.


  • Identify champions and align them with your team or supporter roles.
  • Identify blockages and look to tackle via one to one conversations to tackle root causes or issues.
  • Ensure leadership sponsorship and communication is strong to generate attention.


  • Enable two-way communication – maintain consistent messages and allow response to feedback.
  • Deliver training in different ways and formats to accommodate different learning styles.
  • Look at communicating changes in 3 different ways to the same audiences.


  • Celebrate success and communicate it via various methods.
  • Establish changes in working practices in a formal and informal way and ensure communication is clear.
  • Maintain and champion a continual improvement process for the long term.

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