Charities Going Digital Summit Power your resilience, team, and impact with technology

Create your digital strategy over 14 days with expert advice from amazing speakers with a 15 minute video delivered into your inbox daily, plus a BONUS GIFT.

Starts 21st September

Why are we running the Summit?

Over the last few months charities have been pushed beyond their comfort zone into a situation we never imagined.

  • They have had to support teams differently
  • They have had to run operations virtually
  • They have had to change the way they work
  • They have had to fundraise in different ways to before.
  • They have had to rely on less resource than usual.

The need to think about and apply digital solutions has never been more pressing to stay strong, resilient, and powerful.
At the heart of powering a non-profit are people and technology to keep the wheels turning. Based on first-hand experience we believe that technology when implemented correctly will give charities the resilience they need to survive and thrive in the future by improving their efficiency, income and delivery.

We want to the summit to help inspire, inform and support YOU to take action to implement a CRM and integrated technology that will HELP your organisation to survive and thrive.

About the Summit

We have joined forces with some of our partners and the best experts around to inspire and educate you on what is possible using a CRM and integrated technology solutions to manage your data, clients and team for the whole organisation.

We focus on information management, coordination and analysis to plan and implement your digital strategy to support fundraising, marketing, service delivery, membership, grant management and volunteers.

Over 14 days we will deliver 15 mins of ‘expert’ advice video and insight into your inbox to give you a ‘dose of advice’ for the day.

Join our summit to benefit from:

  • Focus and clarity on how to create your digital strategy with a FREE
  • Business Analysis template
    Knowledge to understand what’s possible and to think in new ways
  • Insight on how to project manage the roll-out of your digital strategy
  • Appreciation of the ROI and the value it can deliver
  • Tools and methods to gather requirements and communicate them in the right way
  • Advice on how to leverage funding for your strategy

** Bonus Gift **

Benefit from our FREE Digital Strategy Template giving you a framework and suite of questions to do your own business analysis and develop your digital strategy.

The Summit is brought to you by Heather Black, Managing Director of Economic Change CIC. 15 years ago she set up a non-profit and at that time didn’t have the experience or insight into what technology could deliver for her organisation. This all changed when she was shown the possibilities and she harnessed the power of a CRM to power her team and organisation. She now runs a consultancy to support other non-profits to embrace technology through thought leadership and expert advice. “To support charities at this time I have brought together a passionate team of non-profit professionals with first-hand trusted experience to give you advice on designing and implementing technology solutions. The speakers will give you insight, inspiration and information to drive your strategy forward whatever the size of your organisation.”

Our Summit Experts will deliver expert advice to help you bring your digital strategy to life.

Rob Dobell

How to create a holistic IT and Digital Strategy
Rob’s career has been built from the outset on working with business teams to get the most out of the technology available to them; from designing, programming and deploying systems through to running large scale procurement and implementation projects. For a Digital Strategy to have value it has to be ambitious but realistic, with vision and substance but built-in flexibility. This will enable it to be a reference point for your key decisions whilst remaining relevant in your changing environment. Join our video to see how to go about creating a robust and sustainable digital strategy

Ian McLintock

Securing Funding for Your Digital Strategy

A passionate volunteer of 40 years, Ian has worked at board/senior management level for 25, including various chair and CEO appointments, starts ups and turnarounds.

Securing funding for tech isn’t easy and competition for funding is now extremely challenging. This Charity Excellence video shows you how to find suitable funders, write your bids to maximise your chances of success, and links you to funder lists.

Rob Dobell

How to do Business Analysis

Founder of Economic Change CIC, Heather is committed to supporting Charities through a Digital Transformation process. She is experienced in business analysis and helping charities to think through their requirements and to understand what is possible. Benefit from her free template and expert advice on how best to draw up the fundamental requirements and priorities to create the basis of your digital strategy.

Rob Dobell

Digital Trends for the Charity Sector

Chris started at Charity Digital after working as a Marketing Manager at Google as he has always been interested in the tech for good space. He has been involved in driving grass-roots media campaigns, customer acquisition and rapid organic growth strategies. In this session we’ll discuss the 3 trends that charities are embracing as they adopt a #BeMoreDigital mindset – people, planning and platforms

Doron Gower

Knowledge Management to support the work you do

A passionate volunteer of 40 years, Ian has worked at board/senior management level for 25, including various chair and CEO appointments, starts ups and turnarounds.

Securing funding for tech isn’t easy and competition for funding is now extremely challenging. This Charity Excellence video shows you how to find suitable funders, write your bids to maximise your chances of success, and links you to funder lists.

Damian Hajda

Social Impact Measuring as a tool for Digital Change

Damian is a technology entrepreneur with over 10 years experience in the enterprise software industry. Damian is also a social impact measurement specialist and is passionate about introducing innovative technologies into the space.

Every nonprofit’s mission is to deliver outcomes for the people that use their service. Social Suite shows how collecting long term outcomes data and generating impact reports can be used by non profits to improve services and support funding applications.

Peter van der Meij

Why you should you care about real-time online donation data in your CRM

Peter brings 9 years and over 100 projects of experience and combines in-depth technical expertise with a love for fundraising organisations and those who strive to make this world a better place.

In his video Peter will show you why having online donation data (from donation forms or external platforms) in your CRM in real-time is so important. And why you should be able to create new donation pages in minutes.

Libby Hare and Keith Collins

Senior Consultant and Partner, Adapta

How to Project Manage your Digital Strategy

Keith and Libby both have extensive experience of the non-profit sector and they work on ensuring that a charities technology decisions fit their organisational strategy and provide efficiencies and improvements in operational areas through great project management.

Join their video which shows how in the COVID-19 crisis we have seen great examples of charities innovating with technology – because they had to, sometimes just to survive. As we emerge from the crisis how can non-profits continue to innovate, but in a way that is sure to support long-term strategic objectives?

Becky Smith

Maximising Impact with Digital Tools

Becky has worked for 20 years in the public and non-profit sector and has a wide range of experience in various charity functions. She is passionate about Impact Management solutions for Charities and brings her expertise to the table for her video on how to prove that the work your charity is doing is effective and making a difference.

David Chater

Powering your Grants Programme using Digital Tools

David has been on both sides of the table when it comes to grant management. He was previously Head of Funds at Power to Change but now works for Economic Change building Grants Management projects for notable charities such as Lloyds Bank Foundation and the People’s Postcode Lottery. Join his video to see how you can improve the grant making process with Digital tools providing clarity both for those people who manage the grants and those who wish to access them.

Nicola Gibba

Empowering Volunteers with Digital Tools

Nicola has 13 years experience in the non-profit sector managing volunteers both locally and internationally using a range of technology solutions. In her previous employment she previously managed a salesforce project for an international charity dealing with multiple requirements across the globe. With the growth of volunteering as a crucial part of many charities day to day work, join her video to gain excellent advice on how to maximise the work that volunteers do and improve the processes around management.

Graham Hopgood

Supporting Members Using Digital Tools

Graham’s specialisms are business process automation and analytics, with extensive experience of using Salesforce Einstein Analytics to deliver beautiful, interactive business intelligence tools. A proud data geek, Graham’s guiding principle is “Dashboard Everything”. Join his video to see how members belonging to an organisation can be supported by digital tools allowing both the charities and members to interact smoothly and efficiently.

Barbara Clarkson

Helping Your Help Desk

Barbara has been involved in the non-profit sector for 12 years using Salesforce all along. She is a qualified Service Cloud Consultant and in this video she will be discussing how to give your help desk the tools to manage any service functionality as efficiently as possible.

Zoe Amar

The ROI of technology – Convincing your Trustees

How can you get your board onside with digital? Hear from digital expert Zoe Amar as she shares the secrets of how to demonstrate the value of tech investment to your trustees and get their buy-in for your plans.

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The Summit is brought to you by Economic Change CIC. We empower non-profits with technology specifically Salesforce and integrated solutions to power their team and organisation. We champion thought leadership and partnership working to inspire, inform and support the sector to achieve their economic ambitions whether it’s increase income, reduced costs or improved efficiency to maximise impact.

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