lettersIn the media at the weekend, a Charity Commission investigation revealed that charities are spending up to 90% of donations on campaigns such as mass mailing, gala events etc. to help raise more money! As a result several charities have been closed down due to more money going into overheads rather than the cause they are supporting.  So the question is…

Do you know the return on investment of your marketing campaigns and are you using your budget wisely?

At Economic Change, we help charities to manage their marketing campaigns, budget, track the return on investment generated via leads and the income raised, by using Salesforce CRM.

Salesforce.org is fast becoming the adopted tool for charities as over 28,000 non-profits use it worldwide. Salesforce offers 10 free user licenses and heavily discounted licenses to non-profits.

Marketing and Sales functionality can include:

  • Online Enquiry Forms that sync data into Salesforce
  • Lead and Prospect Management
  • Quotes and Proposal Creation
  • Sales Pipeline Management
  • Campaign Management
  • E-marketing integration
  • Online Donation/Store/Payment Cart integration
  • Text/Webchat and Email integration
  • Real-time Analytics and Reporting

Contact us  or email  info@economicchange.co.uk to request a free demo of Salesforce if you want to get wise with your marketing!