Client Case Study: Justice & Care

Justice and Care is an international anti-slavery organisation. It rescues people from slavery, brings to justice and criminal networks responsible and sparks systemic change. Economic Change helped Justice & Care to implement the Salesforce Non Profit Success Pack, Automation, Reports and Dashboards and Multi currency & forecasting.


The key challenges they wanted to address with Salesforce were:
  • Lack of visibility of fundraising pipeline internationally
  • Significant administration around donor prospects
  • Lack of segmentation of donors
  • Insufficient information around funding related to projects
  • Multiple systems being used to collect and manage donor information across four offices internally

Jamie Fyleman, Global Director, Fundraising and Communications says of the project:

“We were looking for the right system to manage our relationship with donors and looked at the various options available. We chose Salesforce and could not be more pleased. Where we were blind, we can now see! It makes such an incredible difference to our work and our reporting. The fundraising team feels sighted, we approach meetings with donors, with our fundraising board, with the main board and auditors with so much more confidence.”

Outcomes of Solution

The implementation helped to achieve:
  • Improved visibility of management data in reports and dashboards internationally
  • Reduced administration due to automation of donor communication
  • Improved Donor intelligence with segmentation, 360 view.
  • Improved communication and stakeholder recording and management
  • Consistent processes and data management across four international offices

What the client says

“What we hadn’t anticipated when we chose Salesforce is how much more it could actually provide us that it could become the fount of all knowledge as an organisation that is something that we are really exploring now as our and indeed our frontline work grows. The decision to invest in Salesforce rather than a much more limited product (either just fundraising focused solution or one that has fewer developers), has proven to be genius.”

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