Plan your CRM Strategy for 2019

As we approach the new year we are helping our clients to plan their roadmap for 2019 to implement and maximise adoption of their CRM.

A good internal CRM strategy considers six key ingredients to ensure success:

Heather will be reflecting on these key ingredients during a Facebook Live on Wednesday 12th December at 10.30 within our new Facebook Group – ‘Managing Digital Transformation’ – Join the group here –

Check out a summary of the six ingredients below:

  1. Internal CRM Project Management – Depending on the size of your organisation you may have a lone internal CRM Admin or a whole team responsible for managing a CRM strategy. The role and responsibilities of these team member(s) is to project manage, maintain and optimise the CRM for the organisation with a clear list of responsibilities.
  2. Senior Team Engagement – A CRM Strategy needs to developed around the needs of a team or department in an organisation. It is therefore important to plan an approach to build good working relationships and  buy-in from Department/Team Leads, to gain credibility and trust from their teams.
  3. Executive Sponsorship – A CRM strategy needs to have clear rational and return on investment to gain Trustee and CEO buy-in to allocate adequate resources – time and money to the CRM project.
  4. Business Analysis – Business analysis requires commitment of time and effort from all stakeholders involved in the strategy to review data management, processes and intelligence needs. It is important to plan an appropriate elicitation and business analysis strategy to gather requirements from your users.
  5. Change Management – Depending on the roadmap for your CRM you will need to evaluate the impact of change on your users and develop a Change Management Strategy to communicate, support and embed changes. We deliver a specific 8 step framework and training course on Change Management. Find out more here
  6. Data Integrity – A CRM is only as good as the data it holds. Are business rules clear, is data trusted and does it provide the expected level of intelligence to those that work with it. Allocate adequate time and resource to quality checking, cleansing and maintaining data integrity.

Join our ‘CRM Planning for 2019’ Masterclass

We will take a deep dive into these topics during our Salesforce Champion ‘CRM Planning for 2019’ Masterclass on the 21st January 9.30 to 4.30pm at our offices at CAN Mezzanine, Old Street.

If you want to plan your approach to developing a CRM strategy for the coming year, then join us to learn, discuss and plan your approach across these six areas with professional coaching and training from a team of experienced consultants led by Heather Black, Managing Director of Economic Change CIC.

Places are £300 plus VAT to attend this one day workshop. 

Please Note: Our Salesforce Champion Members and our Annual Support Contract Clients get one free place on this workshop as part of their annual package of support – Find out more about these packages here to benefit from more value

Please note places are limited and confirmed on receipt of payment.

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