Digital Strategies for Community Businesses

Digital Strategies for Community Businesses – Free Webinar

Join our free webinar to find out how to maximise your Community Engagement Strategy using Digital Tools

Date: 27th April 1pm – 2.30pm

Our Economic Exchange events are free monthly online events set up to share specialist knowledge and insight of our team and selected partners, to support socially driven organisations to transform and improve the way they work.

During our next webinar we explore how digital skills and tools can play a key part in developing and managing relationships with a local community to generate volunteers, supporters, donors, and beneficiaries for a community business. Plus find out about the grants available through Power to Change.

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Why is it important?

power to change‘The support of the community’ was the most important success factor for community businesses cited in the Power to Change State of the Market 2016 Research Report.  The community lies at the heart of a community business, and understanding how community businesses are using digital tools and practices to engage with their ‘local’ community, to engage, shape and market to them will hopefully help to empowers to develop their digital marketing strategy.

What is a Community Business

A Community Business is accountable to their local geographic community and that the profits they generate through trading deliver positive local impact. A community business could be a charity, social enterprise or trust, and actively trade to sustain their beneficiaries services.   Read more here

Community businesses have an important responsibility to manage communications effectively:

  • To engage their community – generate awareness, gather perspectives and evidence of market need and demand.
  • To be accountable to their community – to gather people’s views, analyse and communicate the response to be visible and transparent.
  • To market to their community – to showcase what’s on offer and generate sales with the public.

Our Speakers

During the event our speakers will share tips related to digital management strategies, processes and tools, to support the sustainability and growth of the sector, and sources of funding to implement these changes.

Heather Black, Managing Director, Economic Change

Heather will provide an overview of customer management strategies and digital tools they have provided to community business to help them improve engagement with their local community to create more visible, robust and intuitive relationships.

Economic Change is an approved support provider for Power to Change in the areas of business strategy.

Tahlia King, Marketing Manager and Consultant, Economic Change

Tahlia is a not-for-profit  and community business marketing specialist, supporting the sector with strategic marketing, digital and PR & Communications support. She currently supports a community business in Kent with their marketing and is a CIM Assignment Tutor at the Oxford College of Marketing. She has previously held senior marketing positions with Social Investment Business Group and Charities Aid Foundation where she actively supported community businesses. She holds a Degree in Marketing Management, and is also CIM qualified.

Charlotte Cassedane, Communications Manager, Power to Change

Charlotte will be speaking about the different grant programmes that Power to Change offers and their ability to support the launch or sustainability of community businesses.

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